University of Michigan Programming Contest was awesome!

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Our University of Michigan 24-Hour Programming Contest took place last weekend, and this was one of the best we've had so far.  We had 45 teams / 96 students register for the event. It's normal to have some participants drop out during the competition, and this time we lost 14 students. This gave us an 85% retention rate through the competition, which is above average for these 24-hour events.

Every programming contest challenges a team to write a program that plays a game. Contestants are given the details on the game when the event starts. This time the contest was based on the pub game called Put. The game was slightly modified in terms of the base rules, how many cards were dealt to each player, and the use of two decks for the shuffle stack. The first player (team) to 10 points wins the game, and the first to either lead by 5 games or get to 21 winning games wins the round.

The participants were provided with a base bot, which was available in 11 different languages. This gave the contestants some options in how they approached the challenge. Some teams chose to use their favorite language to build the game, others chose to use the game to learn a new language. It certainly highlighted the talent at the University of Michigan.
And the winners are …

1st Place – Medium Pepsi – Bowen Xu, Baishen Xu and Siyuan Zhou

2nd Place – Victors of the West Heroes – Shuo Yang, Lili Su and Chun Wu

3rd Place – Space Control – Steve Schmitt, shown here with Blair Hankins and Rich Boys

These contests give Barracuda and student programmers the opportunity to get to know each other. If you're a programming student and you would like a career with Barracuda, you need to get in on one of these events.

It is the quintessential crunch-time programming experience.


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