Barracuda + Windows Azure = a winning team

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Over the last few months, Barracuda has expanded its product offering on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.  Azure customers can now take advantage of the Barracuda NG FirewallBarracuda Load Balancer ADC, and the Barracuda Web Application Firewall.  Deploying these innovative and feature-rich security products on the Windows Azure platform was exciting for both Barracuda and Microsoft.

Windows Azure is a cloud platform that allows developers to host their apps and app-related data and services entirely in the cloud. This frees the developers from dealing with operating systems, network infrastructure, storage scalability, etc., and allows them to focus more on production.  By leveraging their access to Barracuda products, developers on Azure can free themselves from security concerns as well.

The Barracuda – Windows Azure combo has been a winning team since early 2013.  We are certainly with how things have gone (pdf).  (Original case study available here)

For more information on securing Windows Azure-hosted applications with Barracuda, click here.

For more information on the Barracuda products available on Azure:


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