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Hey everyone, I've been meaning to share this video with you guys:

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In this video, Barracuda Labs Research Scientist Jason Ding is presenting Social Klepto, an experimental tool that allows users to investigate social connections for potential business related subterfuge.  Put simply, there's a lot of customer-stealing going on through social networks, and this tool is designed to help users get proactive in defending their organizations.

Jason covers a lot of stuff in this 30 minute presentation:

  • What is Social Klepto?
  • Example of customer loss
  • How much is a customer worth ?
  • How much is a sales lead worth ?
  • How to use Social Klepto and why focus on LinkedIn?
  • How to steal leads
  • Four types of social bait accounts
  • How to make a ‘customer prospect'
  • How to build a connection base
  • Social Klepto web interface
  • Information gleaned from Social Klepto, and how to use it
  • How to protect yourself
  • How to get Social Klepto

Check out the video, and then if you want to play around with Social Klepto, check out these links:

For more from Jason, follow him on twitter @dingzj1 and on the Barracuda Labs blog.

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