Bring on the hackathon! Barracuda loves coders

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The LAUNCH Hackathon is a cool way to get budding startups in front of investors and the public, and it forces the contestants to pitch their project clearly and accurately. In the first round of competition, contestants have two minutes to present their project to two judges. If they pass this round, they get two minutes of presentation time on the main stage followed by two-three minutes of Q&A time with the judging panel.

The are two grand prize winners chosen on Sunday, November 10. Each will receive a $50,000 investment prize from The LAUNCH Fund. These two grand prize winners will then work to qualify for the AngelList's Syndicate program, which could mean up to $850,000 in total funding.

As one of the sponsors of the LAUNCH Hackathon, Barracuda is offering up $20,000 investment, and 50GB free storage on Copy. We're also bringing the midnight waffles on Saturday night.

The LAUNCH Hackathon is just one of the many hackathons and other events that we join, so that we can contribute to the future of coding. We also have the SJSU 24-Hour Hackathon coming up on November 15. Small in comparison to LAUNCH, the SJSU event is for students only and the grand prize is $3,000. These students do not have a business and a product, and they're not competing for an Angel. These student hackathons challenge contestants to code an intelligent bot that plays a game. We have similar hackathons in Ann Arbor and Campbell every year.

For more information on the LAUNCH Hackathon, take a look at their website. For more information about careers at Barracuda, check out our company page. And if you're interested in our award-winning products and services, here you go.

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