Barracuda IPO in images

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CUDA on NYSE in JPG !!!

Barracuda went public on Wednesday, starting at $18/share, peaking at $23.80 and ultimately closing at $21.55. It was an awesome day for our business and ultimately for our customers and our new shareholders!

Isn't that the sexiest banner you ever did see?

Michael Perone, Zach Levow, Dean Drako, William “BJ” Jenkins, and CFO David Faugno, ring the NYSE Opening Bell. Click on the image for video. See this page for a who's who.

It's official!!

CUDA on the board!

BJ appears on the Squawk with Jim Cramer, David Faber, and Carl Quintanilla. Cudaneers in Campbell gather around the big screen to watch.

More TV time for BJ. Here he is on CNN Money talking about the security industry and why Barracuda is a leader.

What a great day!!

For more pictures of the big day, check out our Barracuda IPO Gallery on Copy. To talk to us, connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google +. Check out our videos on YouTube


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