Can this actress take down your network?

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Regardless of your efforts, you can't anticipate every potentially harmful act that your users might do. Something as simple as an online search for the lead actress in the latest blockbuster can cause serious problems for your network.

We already know that there are dangerous searches, and most admins have hardened their networks against the most common. Unfortunately, hackers adapt to your defenses by attaching their malware to different kinds of searches. As an example, check out the recent list of the “most dangerous celebrities” …

  • Lily Collins 14.5
  • Avril Lavigne 12.7
  • Sandra Bullock 10.8
  • Kathy Griffin 10.6
  • Zoe Saldana 10.5
  • Katy Perry 10.4
  • Britney Spears 10.1
  • Jon Hamm 10.0
  • Adrian Lima 9.9
  • Emma Roberts 9.8

That number you see next to the name is the percentage of search results that include spam or malware. Which makes Lily Collins a very dangerous celebrity when it comes to online searches.

This is one of those things that's frustrating for network admins. How do you help users understand that even a harmless search for a popular actress can result in a network attack?

Fortunately these attacks have similar characteristics to the classic attacks. Users who can protect themselves from the traditional methods can usually pick up on attacks delivered by new methods. Avoiding offers that are too good to be true, watching the spelling / authenticity of URLs, and other common sense measures can prevent most attacks.

Barracuda has a range of security products can stop a lot of these attacks from getting into your network. We also offer data loss prevention, which means that if a user brings an infected machine into your network, you can stop the malware from sending sensitive information back to “home base.”

These products can be tremendously helpful if you have network security concerns:

Each of these products has an affordable pricing structure and a risk-free, 30-day evaluation. Check them all out here.

Having the proper network protection (and user education) in place can give your users the freedom to use the Internet safely. So you don't have to try to anticipate searches for Lilly Collins or Avril Lavigne.

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Link: 2013 Most Dangerous Celebrity study

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