New features in BCC make client management easier for Barracuda partners

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Let's revisit Barracuda Cloud Control today.

As we mentioned before, BCC is the centralized management platform that allows our customers to access their Barracuda assets from one location. BCC currently supports



Barracuda customers can manage most Barracuda infrastructures directly from a single interface, or from our iOS mobile application. In addition to directly managing a product, you can also

  • Use Appliance Control to open a support tunnel in a remote location
  • Synchronize firmware and updates across the infrastructure
  • Apply policies or run reports across multiple devices
  • Request peer support in the community forum

All that sounds cool, right? Well, today it gets even better. Now, Barracuda Partners can use Barracuda Cloud Control to manage multiple Barracuda infrastructures all from a single interface. With an update to Barracuda Cloud Control that was released this week, partners now have access to these features:

  • Create and manage customer accounts – Partners can set up new customers in the partner interface. The new customer resides alongside existing customers.
  • Request to managed existing customer accounts – Barracuda can merge existing accounts into the partner interface.
  • Manage partner administrators access to customer accounts – Different admins for different customers? No problem; they can access everything they need without compromising security.
  • New account switcher for Barracuda Appliance Control pages provides an elegant user experience when switching accounts within appliance control.
  • Display prominent colored notification for when user is on an account other then their default account.
  • Customer ability to manage partner access, including accepting the partner request, revoking access to a partner, and managing permissions for partners. The Customer retains control over the partner's ability to manage the Barracuda devices.

We're excited to be announcing these features. This is just one more example of why the Barracuda Partner Program received a 5-Star rating from CRN earlier this year.

Click here for more information on the Barracuda Partner Program. Visit our Tech Library for more information on Barracuda Cloud Control.

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