Alert: Spammers attach malware to bogus Dun & Bradstreet business complaints

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By Luis Chapetti – Security Researcher

A targeted spam campaign is attacking businesses by posing as alerts from Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. Barracuda Real Time Protection Systems have seen well over 240,000 occurences in less than 2 hours and the rate shows no sign of slowing. Dun & Bradstreet licenses information on businesses and corporations for use in credit decisions, business-to-business marketing and supply chain management. Their reputation is now being used by spammers as a tool for socially engineered attacks that resemble a long-running Better Business Bureau spam campaign.  The emails are laced with a Trojan Horse, and opening the malware attachment as requested by the email can lead to a complete loss of sensitive data. As always, exercise caution with unsolicited email.


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