VDI projects and PSTs

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VDI (Virtual Desktop) is a hot topic with many projects underway or planned. But how many people have considered the impact of PSTs (Outlook Archives) on the project. With something like 30-40% of all PSTs resident on desktop computers or laptops, there is a real challenge of finding and relocating the PSTs without impacting the user. Users are actively discouraged from storing word and excel documents on their personal computers, but even if they do, it usually equates to just a few megabytes of data. A one gigabyte PST file is common place and moving that to a central location can be devastating, let alone a number for a single employee or thousands in an organization. VDI projects require elimination of all data stored at the desktop.

Net App recently stated that 23-50% of data center costs are associated with storage, and yet with a VDI project the problem of finding, assigning ownership of PSTs and moving them to a central location without blowing the budget can be a mighty task. Project leaders of VDI projects need to be able to identify PST files, analyze the content, eliminate old or redundant data before migrating them.

If you are undertaking a VDI project, then you need to create an inventory of all PSTs stored on desktops, before planning and executing the project. This is where PST Enterprise can help you. Unlike the Microsoft PST Capture tool, this application can discover the PST files regardless of location, give you metrics on size, age, last access date and allow you to make decisions on whether to eliminate them, or move them and the move can be scheduled to occur when you want it. For more info see http://www.c2c.co.uk/solutions/pst-management/

This solution is targeted for corporate Exchange users on any version of Exchange and regardless of any email archiving solution you may have in place.

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