Solutions for archiving PST files

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Archiving PST files is one approach to eliminating them. IT departments struggle with PST files scattered on servers, desktops and laptops. They are usually looking to eliminate PSTs either by returning the data to the users mailbox (under Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013 or Microsoft 365) or to an email archiving solution.

Most email archiving solutions can only archive PST files when they are gathered into a single location (on a server). So there is a massive problem in finding them and relocating them – automatically.

Once found, do you really need to archive all the PST data, why not delete old data (past corporate retention requirements) and only archive or move the balance of the PST files. From our experience we would expect to eliminate around 50% of PST data based on its age, so the move or archive ingestion would be much shorter.

Of course the ability to search a PST file, in place, and do ediscovery on the PST content would probably be of significant value to your discovery / legal team.

Do all these challenges sound familiar, then you should see our solutions to your problems.

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