Spammer schlagen aus Tod von Steve Jobs Kapital

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By Dave Michmerhuizen – Security Researcher

Apple Chairman Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011. We all share in the sadness of losing such a technology leader, visionary and innovator. Steve impacted our lives in a multitude of positive ways, through his spirit, his creativity and the word-class products he brought to market. Apple's offerings are both mainstream tools and sources of joy – solving problems and brightening lives everyday, all over the world.  We wish for peace for Steve Jobs and his family.

Unfortunately while many are mourning, others are trying to take advantage of them. Only 24 hours after Jobs' death spammers began sending insensitive emails claiming otherwise.


Spams like these capitalize on their shock value. The senders hope that you will be curious just long enough to let down your guard and click on the link.

By now we should all know that these links lead to no good.  Merely clicking on the link in one of these emails leads to a compromised website which redirects the browser multiple times, in some cases finally delivering it to a host serving up the BlackHole exploit kit.

Barracuda Labs is seeing more and more instances of spam linking to servers hosting these exploit kits.   They are increasingly popular with malware distributors because a link has been clicked no further user interaction is required to install their payload.

It saddens us to see these  emails in our honeypots.   Don't let the amoral scum who send these things take advantage of you. If you see them, delete them right away.


Barracuda Networks customers using the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall are protected from these emails, while customers using Barracuda Web Filters or Barracuda Web Security Flex are protected from the payload.

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