Collecting data in PST files (part 1)

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In an eDiscovery process the problems of identifying potentially relevant data, placing it on legal hold and collecting it for analysis are challenging tasks.

Today we are lead to believe that 80-90% of the ESI needed in processing a discovery request for early case assessment is stored in email. Therefore it is not surprising that many companies have looked to email archiving to solve their problems. It is widely assumed that once the archiving solution has been put in place, the data is secured and can be found.

But it is the legacy data that is there to haunt the legal teams, especially emails that have been stored in PST files. PST files exist because of poor IT management practices and whether the organization has 100 people or 100,000 people the only difference is the scale of finding them. Legal departments are becoming aware that these files exist not only on a designated server, but through the years of casual management they can exist on multiple servers, worse still they exist on desktops, laptops and even home computers.

So finding and collecting emails buried in a PST really is a challenge. Or it is unless you are using the PST management of ArchiveOne.

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