Understanding your PST file problems

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PST's (often called Outlook archives) cause increased work in recovery for IT departments and unmanageable data for organizations.

Understand the scale of your PST problems by assessing your email environment. The information will help you to build a business case with an ROI analysis for Email Archiving:

Fewer IT Staff hours required for email administration
Reduction in storage hardware costs
Increase in employee productivity
Decrease in Regulatory Compliance penalties
Reduction in third party fees for message search/retrieval

Source: ESG Research Report, Email Archiving Trends – 2010

C2C provides complete PST file management functions that can discover, report, archive, manage and migrate PST files into Microsoft Exchange, or directly to the archive, irrespective of whether they are located on users’ local machines, laptops or network file shares. The whole process is completed in an intelligent manner that provides full control to the administrator and removes the risk of exceeding mailbox quotas or flooding network bandwidth.

To understand the C2C Process in managing existing PST files, download the White Paper and Case Study

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