Do you know how many PSTs are in your network?

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How many of your users use PSTs?  How many does each have?  And do you know the average size of each PST?  If the answer to any of these questions is “I don’t know”, then you’re not along. A recurring theme I hear from our customers is that it was easy enough to get into the situation where PST usage has gotten out of hand, but they have no idea how big the issue has become.

Here’s another question for you –what provisions do you take to ensure this data (confidential, potentially critical data) is backed up?  Do you rely on your end users?  A quick search via Google for corrupt pst file returns over 500,000 hits, simply put PSTs create major problems and there is very little help in solving those problems. and this is not taking into account general disk problems that can occur with worrying frequency.

Let’s be honest – without help, finding PST data is tough, and when you find it, it’s not easy discovering what type of data is contained within.  Isn’t it time you controlled your data before it controls you?

PST Manager from C2C can help you turn the above uncertainty into answers.  It works in the background collecting the data you need to ascertain the size of the task at hand. By doing this without user intervention, you can make informed decisions without impacting the day to day running of the business. You don’t need to be doing email archiving to achieve this, PST Manager is there to help you understand your problem, before you make a decision on what to do next.

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