Eminem still isn’t dead

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by Barracuda Labs

Eminem still isn't dead… at least not as of June 2010. Barracuda Labs honeypots have received thousands of copies of a new spam that is trying to take advantage of a venerable hoax that rap artist Eminem has died in a car crash, this time according to CBS news.


The entire poorly written story is contained in an image that links to a file, outlined in red above. The victims are led to believe they are clicking on a CBS story, but actually the file downloads EminemDead.exe. Running this file installs a backdoor on the victim's computer which has very low detection rates – VirusTotal results.

This once again reiterates the importance of never running anything distributed in an email unless the source is known.

Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewalls intercept these emails, and Barracuda Web Filters block the payload.

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